S O M M E R A R T - art and objects made of JET



  • JET is a precious gemstone, also known as AMBER.
  • What particularly fascinates me about JET is the very special appearance and the sparkles that are almost impossible to photograph. You can catch a glimpse of it in the short videos here online.
  • A lot of special qualities and effects are assigned to this mineraloid, such as:
  • JET has been used for thousands of years to make jewelry.
  • JET has been found in many prehistoric grave sites.
  • JET absorbs negative energy from the aura.
  • JET has a pronounced effect on our hormone system. It soothes mood swings, gives a balanced mood. JET can improve your mood in case of depression.
  • JET when wearing it on the throat chakra protects you against viruses, sore throat and throat infections.
  • JET is a protective gemstone that it said to protect you against evil spirits, magic spells, and witchcraft. It should also protect it's owner from enemies, known and unknown.
  • You can find much more information about this healing gemstone via Google.
  • I think JET is a wonderful material to work with, because I can create every conceivable shape, not just the objects depicted on this site, but really everything like for instance a skull, or the tank of your motorcycle, a vase or whatever.
  • I will gladly make it for you!



  • GIT
  • is het edele natuurlijke gitzwarte materiaal van alle Sommerart producten.







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